How to Travel with Food During the Holidays

If you and your loved ones will be traveling to dinner parties this holiday season, there's a good chance you might be bring some food with you. It's important to know how to get the food there safely.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • If you're making gravy or soup, place the food in a container that has a tight lid, and line the top of the bowl with plastic wrap before placing the lid on. This provides an extra layer or protection.
  • If you're making finger foods or small pastries, wrap the foods in foil or plastic wrap and place them in a large plastic sealed snack bag. The bag will catch the crumbs and keep the interior of your car clean.
  • It's also a great idea to have one of your loved ones in the back seat of the car to make sure that the dishes you're using to transport the food stay intact.

We hope you have a great holiday season. If you have any vehicle service needs during this time, get in touch with the service center at Lithia Hy

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