How to Correct a Slide on Icy Roads

There’s no telling when an icy winter storm with turn your otherwise familiar city streets into a trouble zone. If you live in a place like Anchorage, you should know how to correct a slide on icy streets. Having experience driving in terrible conditions helps, but so does a vehicle equipped with many safety features.

The first thing to do when sliding is to reduce your speed. It’s tough to resist, but all acceleration will only worsen a slide. Whichever way your vehicle slides, try to steer “into” it. Turning your wheels into a slide reduces momentum, plus allows your vehicle to regain traction. Combined with careful threshold braking, this can prevent a slide from becoming a dire situation.

If you live in a place where icy conditions are a fact of life, you should drive a vehicle with the surest steering features. Asking the professionals at Lithia Hyundai of Anchorage about the best vehicles to operate in the winter is the best way to prepare for navigating the worst roads. Driving a car with features that guard against sliding is the best way to avoid troubles in tough weather.

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