Buy your next new vehicle or lease it? That's a question on plenty of people's minds when they are looking for vehicles. Here at Lithia Hyundai of Anchorage, we can help you determine the right choice and whether you should buy or lease your next Hyundai, as we explain the benefits of each and what best suits our area.

When you lease, you're paying a percentage of the costs of a new vehicle over a set term of two or three years usually. It can yield you quality payment terms and generally you don't owe as much to start, but there are restrictions to consider. This includes mileage caps and wear and use guidelines that have to be followed. If you're able to keep your vehicle under the mileage limits and are happy with the vehicle without customization, you probably will be fine with leasing. We also know in our area which includes the likes of Wasilla, Palmer and Eagle River that there is a lot of driving involved, which brings us to buying.

When you buy, you're able to make a down payment and use your vehicle at trade-in addition to securing an auto loan which allows you to then make payments on the loan until it is paid off. Once the loan is paid off, you have no more car payments. This is beneficial for those who know they're going to be driving a lot, plus also figure they will own the vehicle for a long time as well. We can help you secure the right rates and get a payment that makes sense for you.

We will also showcase all current new Hyundai promotions we have here in Anchorage so you an find the terms that are right for you along with the vehicle among our many standout new Hyundai vehicles!

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